Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Have you forgotten yet

Aftermath by Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon (1886-1967) was a British poet, diarist and author, known for his anti-war verse which resulted from his own experiences while in military service during World War I.

Horrified by the brutal realities of war, Sassoon's writing took a drastic turn away from the romantic sweetness of his early verse. This new stark and unembellished war poetry was intended to disclose the ugly truths of the trenches to an audience that had been seduced by patriotic propaganda.

Graphic descriptions of mangled limbs, rotting corpses, horror, depravity and despair are the trademarks of Sassoon's poems about WWI. These word-paintings are rendered in a rich and compelling language and with the utmost candor.

Siegfried Sassoon Poem
In 'Aftermath' the poet admonishes us, not to be lulled into complacency, to always remember "the slain of the War" and to "stop and ask, 'Is it all going to happen again?'"

World War I: Out of the trenchesSadly, since Sassoon's time in WWI many more wars have been unleashed on mankind right up to the current U.S. war with Iraq.

Yes, Siegfried, it did all happen again, is all happening again and will continue to happen again...

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Anonymous said...

For as long as people and nations are being brainwashed by their militaristic/opportunistic/imperialist leaders, and unless they have seen combat and its devastation up close and personal or been wounded in action, there will be no end to man killing man.

Anonymous said...

Only the dead have seen an end to war

Anonymous said...

He who speaks of the Glory of War has never fought in one.

Sadly far too many leaders willing to start a war have either never actually served in one, or have been safely ensconced in a location well protected from any harm.


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